Angel - March 3 Angeles


Dear Diary,

What a crazy night this was! I went barhopping again earlier, but no barfine. I’m not sure why; it was as if I felt something more interesting would happen later, and man was I right! Back here at the hotel, on my floor in the foyer area, there was a girl sitting down who was clearly upset about something. So I went over and talked to her.

Her name was Angel and she just had a fight with her foreigner boyfriend whom she physically caught cheating on her with a bargirl in his room there. The only thing she wanted at that moment was to exact revenge on him and I was the one lucky enough to be around. Why me!? LOL.

Angel was absolutely fantastic and horny as hell from all the drama. Imagine it, I fucked the shit out of her with her boyfriend and his bargirl only a few doors away! She decided to sleep over here and I kindof like it that way…..for tonight at least ;)

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