Layka in my bed - November 15

Layka in my bed

Dear Diary,

I got a message from Layka this morning saying that she missed me. As I had to go to Manila to see my doctor again, I decided to get a room in Manila. Daisy was a little upset as she wanted to stay another day with me but I was excited to fuck that little ass of Layka’s again. Daisy still has her mens so I better go look somewhere else until it’s over ;)

Layka came right away once I was in Manila and she fell asleep in my bed while I was at the hospital. Once back, I woke her up and fucked her nicely. That little 18yo Ass…. love it. The only problem with Layka is that she is so silent and I never know if she really enjoys having sex. She always says yes,… but why is she so passive then? That’s probably just how she is.

We talked a little after we fucked and then I fell asleep as well. Now it’s 10pm and she is still there, sleeping. For tomorrow, I will go walk around the mall that is located next of my hotel.

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