Maymay: PERFECT! - November 1 Angeles City

Maymay: PERFECT!

Dear Diary,

I had my date with lovely Maymay this morning, the girl I met on a dating site and with whom I’ve been chatting with only twice. She came directly to my room, just like that. Did not put any make up on or special clothes. Such a pure girl.

I loved her right from the start. Her smile, her brown skin and her way of talking. Her English was poor but good enough to understand and talk with her. We talked a little first and she remembered that she came over to make some pics. She also told that she never had a date with a foreigner. I could sense that.

She was a little shy at first but once we started to make the pictures, it all went very smooth and she opened herself up fully. No problem at all to go naked all the way. Man, those tiny tits, that little pussy.. You guys can’t feel it through the images but I promise you that she had the softest skin I have ever touched. She felt like velvet. Then there’s that tiny perfect little ass of hers…. All of the angles that I used while taking these pictures of her ass, were pure art.

The other good thing is that she was as horny as I was when we were making the pictures, so it went very easy going to the next level. She gave me a nice bj and she seemed to enjoy this a lot. Biting on a towel, making little noises, jumping on me, pushing my ass to go faster …this was a feast! The best part was obviously the doggy style. I could not get enough while looking at her ass.

I gave her my little cream pie at the end and then we slept together. She said she wanted to go to Manila tomorrow to see her family, so I promised her I would bring her there by taxi… I was in love :)

Also, while I’m writing this, she is just sitting here cuddled up close and watching what I’m writing… but she can’t understand a thing. She just smiles at me… I think she loves me too!

Goodnight world!

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