August 7 - Angeles City

Dear Diary,

Around 10pm I went outside to buy some food. Just outside there was a girl just waiting around and once I passed by her, she started to talk to me. She was straight forward, asking for a short time because she needed money. She was not that hot looking but after weeks of bad luck, I didn’t mind a dirty street slut for just 500 pesos.

Since she needed the money so badly it was absolutely no problem to shoot the whole action. It all turned out to be a good idea… she was hungry for money so she did her best to give me a good time. The real surprise was her hairy pussy! I never saw so much hair on a Filipina pussy before! She must have a lot of Japanese customers… they love that… and as for me, I didn’t mind. All in all it was a great fuck for just 500 pesos!

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