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My name is John Tron. Welcome to my Filipina Sex Diary! I am on an extended holiday in SE-Asia and have been filming every day of it for the World to watch. During this journey, I've visited many nice places, seen all kinds of interesting cultural sights and have met dozens of lovely young Filipina girls.

  You'll quickly see that I have an insatiable appetite for new Asian pussy, so I've been screwing as many of them as possible. Luckily for you, I've captured almost all of them on video and have been posting them here on Filipina Sex Diary every day as it happens.

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Here's a collage of my most-recent week in the Angeles City. It is one of my most favorite locations to film for Filipina Sex Diary. These girls are amazing, can speak good english and are very personable. World-known, Filipina girls really give the average male traveler a much sought-after girlfriend-experience and all go the extra mile because of how cock-hungry and horny these girls are. Once you watch my videos, you'll know, there's simply no place like the Philippines!
Why stop at hunting pussy in one Asian country when you can conquer them all? That is exactly the question that I have asked myself since starting Filipina Sex Diary. By joining, you will not only access all of my Filipina conquests, but also Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Viet girls and MORE! I have worked & travelled tirelessly to provide the widest variety of Asian pussy ever seen on 1 website! By joining, you' ar'e actually now just joining the members area where all of this content (and more) is located!

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I travel, I teach, I film, I fuck. Visit my university of Filipina Pussy Hunting.
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